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by Tell-Tale Hearts

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Three songs from our side of the split with Cold Spell.
Physical cassete tape release in May!


released April 18, 2013

Recorded at Skramden Yards by Andrew Leipurts. Mixed by Andrew Leipurts. All songs written by Tell-Tale Hearts.

Tell-Tale Hearts is:
Cris L - Drums
Darren S - Bass, Vocals
Egin K - Guitar, Vocals
Mark W - Guitar, Vocals

Sarah L - Guest vocals on Track 3
Andrew L - Guest vocals on Track 3



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Tell-Tale Hearts Toronto, Ontario

Four boys from Toronto, ON who make music that makes you think about death and get sad and stuff.

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Track Name: 1997 (Kimochi Warui)
if you can still hear me now, i still catch your scent every now and then. your hands still burn around my neck. i hate you more than i hate myself.
revert, revert to the catatonic state.
revert, revert to the helpless age.
revert, revert to the time i felt your kiss.
rever, revert. it's still hard in my hands.
i'm worthless. i will come apart at the seems revealing nothing but a hollowed core, treat is as you will. i'm incapable of love, i've lost what it is to feel. i'm incapable of anything but destroying myself. i'm in capable of anything, so what's the point?

burn me at the stake by your house, let the ashes fly away, with them dies every last part of my failed attempt at life.
Track Name: 2007 (Teen Vodka Tears)
as you walk away, you never turned your back, your face fades from me, the rain falls. washing away all that once was ours, all that could have been, the tears fall.
falling apart, just to be held up, lying on my back you're perfect. but me i crave relief, the end is just too much. "i'm ready." i can see the end of this, it's killing me, it's out of my feeble hands. so come lie with me, one final time, before i destroy this.
so bring the storm, i won't cry. let the wind break my bones into a million little pieces of what i could have been, i'm ready.
i just can't figure all this out. i've lost all that i thought i was worth. take this as a letter of resignation, written in blood, you can have it back.

roses are red, violets are blue, i hurt myself, thinking of you.
Track Name: One More Final: I Need You
have you come to stay? does this mean you're over it? tell me, do you still dream of us? i guess it's inevitable that you'd come to your senses. maybe it's for the best. after all, i'm the failure.
tell me that you won't go. is it enough that i'll still be here? still waiting for the day to come when i feel alone and ready to move on.

the past few years i've gone got back to it, back to your face. in the snow you looked like an angel, clipped wings broken. have you grown to resent me like i've grown to resent you?

i have gone through this too much, too many times broken, fractured and lost. the waves keep on crashing, they throw me down further, i can't stay up. i've lost the will to live, lost the will to try, i'm drowning in your eyes. you won't leave my breath, won't leave my mind, you won't leave till im dead. till i'm dead.